I'm dreaming of a white Thursday

WE HAVE SNOW!! Large Amounts of IT!

I normally hate snow but I’m excited about all this white stuff today…maybe because last winter it was abnormally warm?

My office is closing early, at 2, which is also a wonderful thing. I want to go home and bake mass quantities of cookies…and chili! Ooooh, chili…

Half of my co-workers didn’t make it in today, we have liberal leave if there is snow…but as I have no extra leave at this point…I had to haul my sorry self in to dc this morning. My normal 30 minute metro ride was about a hour…so that was fun…I’m hoping it won’t be as crowed going home but it probably will be. That was an Eeyore sentence.

Snow! I want to wash my hair, my hands, my face with snow, Snow, Snow , SNOW!!!

Sing it Bing & Rosemary! Need to add that to my Christmas list…a copy of White Christmas…that and the Sound of Music on DVD. Yup, that’s right, Minnie’s a dork.

I’ll say it loud, I’m a dork and I’m proud!

More for my dork resume, I made a Christmas wreath on Tuesday when I got home from class. It’s a basic fake evergreen wreath with 12 candy canes wired to it, all haphazard like, with little matte red Christmas ornament balls. I also tied red ribbon around the middle of the candy canes, not in bows, just a little single knot. I’m a full on homemaker these days…all this talk of crafting and baking. If I ever have an entry about housekeeping, some one please call me and tell me that I’m over the edge.

If I ever do a housekeeping entry, I think the world will spin backwards on its axis. It would have to be a sign of the apocalypse.