babies are everywhere

How many diary entries start off with me blathering on about how aggravated and/or annoyed I am? I’d venture a guess to say about half of what I right here is mainly me just bitching about my mundane daily affairs. Oh my poor readership, all 2 of them must be bored out of their minds.

It could be worse…I could be running from the mob, hiding in the shadows of the witness protection agency. Lying to my friends and co-workers about my true identity…I’m just sponging that whole idea from a cool article I read in the Post this weekend.

I’m just going to bore you with more whining about my money issues. My landlord has not yet cashed my rent check for November…it’s December 2. Now do I hassle my landlord about this nasty little check holding problem that she’s developed, as my annoying husband would like me too? Or should I just tell him to work from his check book register like most people and if he’s got such the issue with it maybe he should call her himself! I can’t pay the rent for any month right now….and it’s Christmas so maybe we should just keep our traps shut. I think I am going to have to get a second job to make my new insurance payments. I think I should just take my new little car back to the dealership and see if I can get out of the deal. The sucker’s expensive…compared to the free ride my old car had going for it. Yertle was completely paid for, cheap ass insurance; I’m talking $25 for a month here people. Sure, Yertle had some drawbacks, no heat and it smelled like mildew. But I got from Point A to Point B. I should have just dealt with it and not dug myself some kind of money pit. Now I have to go home and have a talk with Ian about MONEY. We hate talking about the M-word. It is a sore spot, we always fight about it. Unless we are ignoring it. Ugh, I feel all icky now.

On to happier subjects, Thanksgiving was fun, visited with all manner of family types. My cousin & his wife are expecting a baby in March. A girl they plan to name Isabella Rose Hancock. I hope they never call her Izzy. I met my new pseudo-niece. My old friend Trish had a baby on Halloween. Named Sydney Alexandra Eul, she is quite possibly the sweetest baby ever. I will be stealing her at Christmas time. This is my friend’s first child and she was in quite the state when I went over to visit. She was in labor with Syd for 36 hours and ended up having a C-section. She’s still healing from that and she got to get up every 2 hours and feed Syd, since she’s breast-feeding. Her husband was a lot of help for the first few weeks but then he had to go back to work…so the helping thing had gotten a little less helpful. I think she might end up smacking him in the head with a skillet.