Punchbuggie Silver!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

What is it Minnie?


Gee, that’s nice. You seem pretty excited about it.

I AM! I AM! I AM!!!

So the above has been the main topic of conversation for the past 2 days. Ian and I took the plunge and purchased a 98 VW Beetle with only 37k miles on it! It’s silver and has black leather interior. There’s not a sunroof, yet, I plan to have one installed by summer time. The only other downside is that there’s not a cd player either, but apparently CD players weren’t standard in Bugs until the 2000 model. I can deal with that. I have a discman.

And it’s also a standard. So I’ve had to learn how to properly drive a stick shift. I took my first trip out in the car alone yesterday. I drove to the grocery store that is literally a block from my house. I normally walk…that’s how close it is…but I do need to practice so I had to drive. Then I drove up and down my street which has about 8 million stop signs so I could practice taking off from a complete stop without killing the engine. I had about a 7 minute soljourn at a stop sign while I waved people around me….I was having a hard time finding first gear but eventually I did get the car to move. It was a very pleasing experience. I felt incredibly capable. It was insane. Ian drove it to work today, he’s very jealous that I have a cool car now. We’re going to drive it to KY for thanksgiving to show the fam.