My current dilemma is if I should go to NYC this weekend to visit my old friend Taylor.

Here are the reasons for my doubts:

1. I feel all sickly

2. I will be broke if I go and have to borrow rent money from Ian

3. I have a HUGE project due in class on Tuesday that includes 2 presentations and 2 papers

4. Did I mention I think I’m getting sick?

I think that covers it. Oh wait there’s more

5. I have to drive to Hoboken on Friday after work…. it’s 4 hours

6. 4 hours in my car to New Jersey seems like a trip to Hell to me right now

The next dilemma is if I decide that going to visit Tay this weekend is a no-go how to I bail on my friend at the last minute with out her being mad at me?

Maybe she wouldn’t be mad per say…just disappointed? I would be sad if she didn’t come visit me…crap this is making me feel all guilty!

Blargh, I wish it were Thanksgiving…. I miss my family, this happens when I feel sick. I get all simpery.

My friends in KY, Trish & David, had their baby finally. Her name is Sydney Alexandra. I cannot wait to meet her! Another reason why it needs to hurry up and be November 28th!