now i hate critical thinking

Don’t have much new info to distribute….

Ronda moved to Denver on Saturday. I have no girlfriends left in the area.

Ian took me to Baltimore for the weekend to easy my pain. He bought me some books and let me have room service so I was happier.

I’ve become a crafty person, I decided a needed a hobby since my weekends will be devoid of social activity and more couch lounging was not an option. So I spent what seemed like an eternity on Sunday at the various area Michael’s craft stores looking for something to make. I finally found the correct sized magnets so I could make my marble magnets…Now I just need a ¾ inch round hole punch and I’ll be golden, baby. I also need a bigger apartment so I can have a sewing machine. I need to make clothing. I feel it is my new calling. J

Hmmm, what else has been up lately…I’m going to NYC this weekend to visit my long lost college pal, Taylor. So that should be fun. She’s been living in Manhattan for the past 6 years so she knows all the cool places to go. She recently got married and moved to Hoboken, which sounds awful but I’m sure it’s good. Taylor’s not one to live some place icky. Maybe this little jaunt will change my mind about people in New Jersey.

Over Halloween I learned that eyelash glue is not a good thing. And that pretzels have an amazing ability to absorb liquid. I also learned that you can throw a mean party in a tiny apartment, you just need heavy amounts of drugs and alcohol to make it more fun.

I got an A in project management…I think I mentioned that in an earlier link…I need to be writing 2 papers for this damned critical thinking class but I just can’t bring myself to give a shit about managerial decision-making and it’s effects on our economy. Really I can’t.

I want to try and give myself a hair cut as I am too poor to afford my swanky hairdresser but I am in dire need of a major trim. I chopped off my long locks in August and the hair looked pretty rocking for awhile but now it’s all grown out and shaggy looking….and I just look like someone who needs a hair cut. AND to make matters worse the hair is starting to resemble Ann Curry’s hair on the Today show…I don’t like her…she’s all simpery.

Hmm, maybe I did have some information to distribute after all. Funny how I can bang out a page of diary stuff in about 5 minutes but it will take me four hours to come up with 3 pages of crap about decision-making scenarios…..GAH!