beer makes you stupid

The Weekend Update



We did go to the pumpkin festival, which was really a permanent vegetable stand next to an Exxon in Reston. They had pony rides and a petting zoo so that might qualify it as a festival but I’m not really sure. I sampled and later bought the most fabulous pumpkin butter and apple cider I’ve ever tasted. We watched cute kids ride ponies that looked like they needed a bath & visited with the baby goats at the petting zoo. I have decided that goats really are the embodiment of Satan…they are just freakily evil looking. I think it’s the cloven hooves and those weird slit eyes…those little goats just freaked the poo right out of me.

I skipped my movie marathon as I have zero dollars and went to an Octoberfest instead…my favorite waiter ever gave my friend and I free tickets and a boat load of beer tickets…I had ENTIRELY too much to drink on Saturday and proceeded to make a superb fool of myself. I am officially not drinking until after the New Year. It was that bad…not New Years Eve of 2000 bad but close. I was one mean drunk. Whoo, anyway on to happier subjects.

Not that I have much more to talk about here today but I needed a transition there…I have only one more project management class! Yeah! Baby! Then it’s on to Critical Thinking. I’ve been doing the reading so I can get a leg up on my edumacation…J

We have papers due every week in that class so I’m going to need to get my ball rolling a bit early…we know how much I love to procrastinate. I think that the impending lack of social engagements in my calendar will help me increase my focus on school. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Ronda moves to Denver at the end of the month…I think I am an evil person for writing this…but I’m sort of looking forward to it. I am tired of carrying the emotional load that is required of me for that relationship. I need a break; it’s got to be someone else’s turn. To the few people I know that read this, please keep this on the qt. I have enough deal with as it is…