Pumpkin Festivals & Sniper Activity

Still hating the project management.

Still doing Operation: Foxxy.

Still waiting for the police to catch this crazy sniper.

I have a long weekend!!! No work for Minnie on Monday!!! It’s Columbus Day! WHOO! Thanks Chris!

My office is having a wine & cheese party today at 4. I’ve heard hateful rumors that the wine is faux wine…a.k.a. the non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice kind. Now what kind of treat is that? I call that a slap in the face my friends! I won’t stand for it! Faux wine…why even call it a wine and cheese party if you don’t serve real wine? Crazy.

I’ve had 3 cups of coffee today so I’m a wee bit wired. Since I gave up diet Pepsi, my caffeine tolerance is way down…the least bit of it and I’m all wacky. But I’m cracking myself up today so I’ll let it slide.

The plans for this weekend, if they aren’t canceled due to rain or excessive sniper activity in the Old Town area are as follows:

· Pumpkin Festival!

· Seeing White Oleander and Punch- Drunk Love

· A wee bit of GD project management homework

· Decorating the shoebox I call an apartment for Halloween, the king of all holidays

Sounds like a fun weekend doesn’t it? Have a fun weekend readers and if you are in the DC area…which I’m thinking your not…watch out for stands of trees near gas stations.