Operation Foxxy

I have not updated in what seems like forever but sadly, I have nothing of any import to tell you about. Iíve been dog sitting and pretending to study. Mostly Iíve been sitting around daydreaming. My entire office, except for me and the other admins are off to New Orleans this week just in time for Hurricane Lili. Iím hoping that they donít end up staying hereÖ.that would really screw up my plans for loafing about the office and doing even less than I do when theyíre all normally here.

There has been mention of me getting to go to Chicago for a meeting this winter sometime, but I think the convention center is actually AT OíHare, so there wonít be too much sneaking off to play. But Iíll take any excuse to travel on the company dime.

We are attempting to get scalped tickets to the Ryan Adams show this weekend, heís doing 2 sets at the 9:30 clubÖIím thinking that if we get there early on Friday night we have a 50% chance of finding something and if not we can always go back and try again on Saturday. Maybe the scary bouncers will take pity on us and let us in.

I am launching Operation Foxxy at 6:30 pm tonight. I will become a crazy militant member of Weight Watchers again. I will be keeping you posted on itís progress. Iím also getting ready to take an HTML class so maybe I can fashion myself a snazzy little diary page with all the happení in accoutrements.