My Big List of Grievances

I have issues coming out my ears lately.

A list must be made or I will explode…since you are my captive audience I’ll torture you will my list of grievances.

1.I have no money

2.Neither does Ian

3.All my pals are in Vegas this weekend

4.I am not

5.Ian might be laid off at the end of the month

6.Ronda is moving away, leaving me with no one to play with

7.If Ian gets laid off I will have to quit school….AGAIN

8.Lately it seems like everything that anyone does pisses me off

9.My IBS is acting up again

10.To cure the IBS flare up I will have to eliminate one more item of food that I love

11.The stress of the above list might also be why my IBS problems are back

12.My feet seem to have grown half a size in the past 3 months…how can that be?

13.My office is going to New Orleans for our big conference, but I am not

I will stop now, but there is more dear reader, there is so much more,and that makes me feel like crappity-poo.