icky mondays

Iím sure youíre all dying to read about my beachfront adventures from this weekend but I am going to have to let you down. Ian was a total loser and didnít come home Friday night until 7:30 & was acting all weird. He claimed to have had to work late but I can always tell when heís not telling the complete truth. I finally weaseled it out of him that heíd made a pit stop at the Trollís house and now didnít feel like driving to the beach. So after much sucking up on his part, we decided to got out to dinner and then get up early the next day and go to the ocean then.

We ate dinner at a new place called Noodles & CompanyÖit was nice, they have every kind of pasta & noodle dish you can think of and then you can add things like chicken or beef or veggies. Iíve been there twice in the past week. Iíve had the mushroom stroganoff with beef and the Japanese pan noodles with chicken. My dining companions both had mac & cheese that was also delish. But I digressÖ

So we go out have a lovely dinner and watch a movie. I make a big point of going to bed early so we can rise and shine on Saturday & get to the beach at a reasonable time. Maxwell wakes us up at 6 am and I try to get Ian up so we can get on the road, but it is impossible. He actually coughed in my face as I was trying to wake him upÖhe sprayed his phlegm all over meÖI was not happy. After the biological warfare I gave up and let him be. So we didnít go to the beach, which means no fudge for Minnie. I am still rather pissy over the lack of fudge.

On a happier note I did get to go to MBís send off party. It was great fun and Iím glad I was there. Iím quite sad that sheís going but who could pass up such a great opportunity?!?! Iíd love to go to another country to study something I loved. **sigh**

Ronda also said that she was thinking very seriously about giving 2 months notice at her job, sell her house and move to Denver. **more sighing**

Iím seriously going to have to find new people to play withÖ.

Getting an active hobby might be my first step in that direction. Not sure what Iím going to take up but Iím sure that my diary will be the first to know.

Iím considering golf, but since its fall (almost) I think it might be harder to start. Maybe I can find an art class to take.