mmmmmmmmm, fudge

Today we go to the beach to do more in-law family activities, but I will quit my whining because…IT’S AT THE BEACH! Whooo!

Things I plan on doing whist vacationing on the glorious sea:

· Take numerous bike rides

· Play putt-put golf

· Play with the telescope

· Swim in the ocean

· Buy some saltwater taffy

· Eat at least a ¼ of a pound of kandy kitchen fudge

· Go to Seacrets hand have a rum runner or 7

I think that should keep me busy for at least Saturday.

I also have to finish my paper on the value of a college education……why oh why did I not listen to my parents in 1996 and just STAY IN SCHOOL?!?!?

There is today’s lesson for you, my loyal readership, never drop out of college. It’s a pain in the ass to go back.