procrastination and shoppers guilt

I went to Hechtís at lunch and found the comforter that Iíve been coveting on sale!! 50% off!!! So I bought it :) the bad part about this is that I was supposed to be buying a wedding present for my sister-in-law. Oh wellÖ

Their wedding is this Saturday, so I get to spend a whole weekend with Ianís family. Whhooo! At least there will be wedding cake, free food, & liquor.

I do like his parentsÖitís the siblings that drive me nuts, and there are just so damned many of them!

Iíve not got much planed for the coming weeks, school, school, and more school. There are 2 big projects due next week, both involve public speaking; so far Iíve not put pen to paper for either.

Maybe Iíll do some research after lunchÖor maybe Iíll finish that crossword puzzleÖhmm, who wants to bet the crossword wins?