the affects of sleep withdrawal

I have not had a good night’s sleep since I started classes again….each and every Tuesday night I toss and turn while having nightmares about research assignments and angry dorky men in plaid shirts….I think I’m going to have to start taking sleeping pills on my school nights. I can barely form coherent sentences today.

The American Idol finale is on tonight and I’m scheduled to go to a friend’s house and watch the 2 hour marathon cheese-fest but damn, I think I might just fall asleep during the show….then I’d miss the lame ass comedy styleings of Ryan Dunkleman & Brian Seacrest. That would be a debacle of epic proportions my friends.

My body feels as if I’ve been beaten with a stick…my brain is sleeping apparently, and my stomach is on strike, I’m usually starving at lunch but today I could barely finish my yogurt and didn’t even eat my PB&J. I’ve had no productive thoughts or activities for today. I wonder if this is what withdrawal feels like…I think all I’m missing is the shakes. A couple of cups of coffee and people might think I should be in rehab instead of at work.