the workin' man's a sucker


i've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. the long weekend should have helped me catch up with my school work...not put me behind.

i think what threw me off today is that i actually had work, w-o-r-k to do here this morning. when i normally have nada to accomplish. my most taxing job is finding a new web based word game to play for goodness sakes.

But today they needed things. So I had to produce, plus write an essay on my strenghts and weaknesses, do a research activity, and forge my classmates signature on our work log. I was a busy bee today...lemmytellya

the weekend was remarkably unremarkable. I dog-sat for Lucy and Java, got to watch Six Feet Under and Sex in the City and eat mint creme oreos, which have a dangerous addictive quality.

Now I am dog sitting for Oscar who's parent's don't have cable so I have no way to stay entertained. I guess I could study but my GOD WHY!?!?!?