Ranty Pants

All right kiddies, sit back and get ready for a rant.

This is my pantsdown entry for todayÖand itís all about whatís bugging me; which is a lot of stuff, surprise, surprise.

In the beginning long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was a single chick. Then I met the Big I and it all changed. We met, we fell in love, we married. Youíd think that the sunshine and kittens would soon follow us in to the sweet hereafter. BUT, attempting to live with someone you love can be a difficult process. Especially for Ms. Pearl here. I have bad roommate tendencies. Iím messy and I hate to clean, Iím a TV hog and I donít like to share much of anything. But Iíve managed to have a few good roommate experiences over the years, living with the Big I, however, has been the ultimate challenge.

Iím not just sharing a space with this manÖIím sharing EVERYTHING! I know I know, Marriage means sharing everything, but Sweet Bill Bellamy canít I have a room of my own? Some space to breathe and be alone? And then not to be made to feel guilty about it? For our entire relationship weíve had our ďnormal gender rolesĒ a bit backward. The Big Iís a bit more touchy feely than me, (like a girl) while I tend to be a bit standoffish (like a guy). Itís generally worked quite well for us.

There are many mitigating circumstances that have been contributing to my mood lately.

1. We live in a 500 square foot 1 bedroom apartment, a.k.a., The Shoebox.

2. The Shoebox is crammed full of wedding gifts we canít use due to lack of space, as we can only entertain one other person if we are both home.

3. The Big I now hates his job and wants to change it, but he whines about it instead of putting his resume out.

4. The Big I seems to believe in order to be happy one must have lots and lots of money.

5. In order to make the lots and lots of money one must live in Washington DC, nowhere else in the northern hemisphere is acceptable.

6. Moving to Kentucky in order to build a more stable family unit would be a fate worse than death for his career.

Now I donít want to move to KY tomorrow and begin squeezing out the puppies, but I want to do that in the next couple of years. I canít see how I could have missed the annoying materialistic side of the Big I. I canít imagine that I have married a snobby little snot. I canít imagine staying here in this pretentious place and raising snobby little snotsÖitís just not possible. I hate to say it but IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Oh my, I think Iíve just cursed myselfÖIíve cursed at FateÖI will be cursed with snotty little brats. Arghh

AND, my mother is getting on my nerves as well. Pooo, baaah, hissss.

AND, I start school again todayÖ

OK, Iím doneÖbut strangely I do not feel better.

Maybe if I Baah againÖ.