I can't believe you wore THAT! ( a pantsdown entry)

My worst fashion moment can’t be paired down to one outfit. I mean it was the 80s. I will list my top 3 worst fashion accidents.

· Purple corduroy knickers, vest, and newsboy cap, worn with pink button down oxford cloth shirt, circa 1984

· Turquoise parachute pants with a matching zipper accented top, circa 1985

· Heavily acid washed jeans, tight rolled at the ankles, tretorn tennis shoes with pastel plaid accents, and a peach, teal, turquoise, and white striped rugby shirt, circa 1990

Also through out the entire 1990s my naturally light brown hair was heavily highlighted with platinum streaks. The highlighting morphed in to full fledged bleaching a la Madonna in the Express Yourself video. My family didn’t like my hair, but my high school boyfriend loved it. He actually wrote a poem about my bleached hair, something about sunlight shining through a window; he was a bit odd…but I digress! This is about fashion, not hair mistakes.

Just one more for this fashion pants down entry. In 1987, when I was in the 7th grade, my grandmother made me a splatter painted sweatshirt at some homemakers extension meeting. It was a purple sweatshirt with every color imaginable randomly splattered on it….like a bad Jackson Pollock knock-off. It even had glitter and neon. It also had my name in black paint in small letters with dots on the ends in the lower right by the hem of the shirt. The bad thing about this was that the day I picked to wear this thing out in public was the day of club pictures for the yearbook. So my hideous purple splatter paint sweatshirt and me are in all the club photos, I was made fun of all day long. I never wore that sweatshirt again.