this diary is brought to you by the letter G


i'm trying to do that update your archive thing so that the older entry page will update but my computer is refusing to let me view the source of this stuff so i'm gonna say FUCK IT and just leave it alone.

not much to report today, i've been busy at work which is a first. i rarely have much to do here other than internet goofing. you need to know about current events i'm your girl.

Such as, yesterday the original Gordon, nice bald black man with a mustache, on Sesame St. died. how sad, he was Holly RObinson Peete's father. Hows that for a random bit of trivia for you?

Still no word from James, the big chicken. You'd think he could atleast call and say that he's not coming. oh well. i guess a trip to japan is out of the question.

and i know i've been beating this like a dead horse, but now i really have to go to that damn bridal shower. poo.

maybe tomorrow i'll be slightly more motovated and actually write something interesting in this thing.

later gator