i'm still sleeping

My god I am sleepy today. After Maxwell spent the weekend at the vet’s office, he made me pay for his pain last night. Maxi was up and yowling at 4 am this morning. I finally had to shut him in the bathroom so we could get some sleep.

R had a really bad day yesterday and we had to have an emergency drunken party to elevate her horrid mood. I had a bottle of wine all by myself so not only am I sleepy I’m a tid bit hung over as well. Alex came too and we watched Say Anything and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the 2 millionth time. Fun was had by all.

James Visit Update: Still no word from James to let us know if he is coming to visit or not, so all my worry could be for nothing, and Ian’s going to the beach this weekend so if J does come they’ll miss each other entirely. I just hope Ian will leave me his car this weekend. I hate to drive my piece of shit these days.

This is a rather mundane entry…if you ‘d like some more spice you should visit tygerchild’s page today. Kitty’s got a great entry today, full of twists and turns, Drama with a capitol D.

Just one more mundane detail for you today….I’ve lost my list of wedding gifts….who gave me what….so I’m screwed. My mother is going to kill me. I’ve only done about half of the gifts. Arrgh.