my kingdom for a diet pepsi

It is jungle hot outsideÖand my delicate condition just canít take this crazy heat!

I need to loll about on a lanai with a cabana boy named Coco fanning me with a large palm frond. I need a frosty cold diet pepsi in an ice encrusted glass. Ahhhh.

If you canít tell Iím having a major jones for some cola products. I canít drink carbonated beverages anymore. They were eating my stomach and digestive tract apparently. Or thatís what the doctors sayÖ.I have a feeling they just want to tourture me.

Hello my name is Minnie and I am a diet pepsi addict. Hello Minnie!

Itís been 2 weeks since I had a drink.

I should get a chip of some kind. Donít they give chips to people in AA? They give bookmarks to people in Weight Watchers. And key chains. I need a key chain to celebrate my drying out.

My 12 year old cousin Grant is coming to visit us this weekend. Weíll be out doing touristy things and playing video games. Should be funÖat least I hope so. Iím nervous that heíll have an awful time and tell his mother that we are messy or something. I am a geek.