i'm a clock that tells the time.....

It is rainy and gray for the second day in a row…ick

I haven’t updated in forever it seems…but sadly there’s been not much to report.

I’ve been homesick for KY and want to go back…today preferably. I want a yard and a house with a deck. Room to move and to be able to drive a short distance and see my family, all of them, and not have to take a day off of work.

I want enough room so that I can actually use my wedding gifts, and have people over to my house for dinner. The problem with that is if I move back to KY I’ll have to get new buddies…as all of mine live here.

All the KY peeps have drifted away and something tells me we don’t have much in common anymore. They all have kids and mortgages. Now I realize that I’d start to get those when I got back to KY but they’ve got such a head start.

I’m just a big whiny baby today. Bleck.

On an unrelated TV note, I’m peeved at Rob Lowe for leaving the West Wing and saying that there was no place for his character to go on the show…bull shit, he just wants more cash. I loved him on WW. Thththheeepppppt! :p

Things that need to happen before we can move to KY.

1. I need to get my #@*&# bachelors degree finished.

2. We need to find the Big I a goooood paying job there.

I’d better get crackin’.