a three hour tour, a three hour tour...

Ahoy! Me matties! Let the capitan spin you a little yarn, a tale of adventure on the high seas…..

A sunfish is a little tiny one 1/2 person sailboat which is basically a kayak with a sail attached.

So we go even though I'm worried that our combined weight will not be floatable on this tiny little boat. As we get in to the boat the little high school boy at the dock says, "Careful, these things are a little tipsy." We heed his warnings and set sail for the high seas.

All is going well for a good 20 minutes, we are sailing along having a great time when Ian decides to change direction. I scrunch down so that the sail can pass over my head with out whacking me in the head and suddenly I am floating in the Potomac, clutching my life vest trying to figure out which way is up so I can get a good breath. Ian's tugging at my capri pants and practically ripping them off me to try and get me out from underneath the sail. When I finally do get out from under water, we laugh and laugh wondering how we are going to get the boat upright again.

So after tugging on the underside rudder/fin type thing for about 30 minutes the dumb boat is finally upright.

Then since I have the upper body strength of an old man I couldn't get back in the damn boat. After much huffing and puffing, the cute high school boys have to get the motorboat from the marina and literally DRAG me over the railing of their boat. I have bruises all over the right side of my body where they pulled me over.

We trudged home, defeated by the angry waters…

As soon as we get back to the apartment, Ian begins to plan our next sailing adventure saying, maybe we should sign up for lessons next time…