we're on the daily show

None of my diary peeps have updated and I have nothing of import to discuss….

Hmmm, if only I had some kind of fab Friday five like tygerchild….where does she get those? And what is a smackdown! Anway? I must be down with the diaryland lingo.

The peeps that normally read my wittle dairy are either away or mad at me this weekend as they have not been in email contact….

Oooh, I forgot. My office was on the Daily Show last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right we were made fun of by the comedic styling of Mr. John Stewart and I think Steven Cobert. Apparently they’d modified some press footage of one of our department policy wonks talking about which demographic groups drive up the cost of health care. The 2 biggies are women and children and the spin they put on the segment was that we are evil bastards, which most health insurers are…but they sign my checks so you didn’t hear that from me.