My lord, she's spouting Whitman!

Guess what I get to do on Saturday? GO SAILING!!!!!!


This completely makes up for the crap ass week Iíve been having. Plans all dashed to hell and now we get to go SAILING!!! Who cares if we ever go camping! I get to go out on the water! Kickass!

IíM SAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick, name that movie!

Other things that make this day great:

1. Itís PAYDAY

2. Can now buy the new Counting Crows cd as it is PAYDAY

3. I can get those silly Citibank people to stop calling meÖre: #1

4. I just got a phat check from the rich dogs parents

5. I might possibly be able to use my rich dog money to finance my trip to VEGAS

That pretty much adds up to a wondermus day! I shall leave you with a happy bit of ye olde madmanÖWalt.

Give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.

p>My Mormon name is Kalie Joe Mormon Miracles!
What's yours?