two pathetic entries in one bad day

Bad bad day

I will surely go postal on the metro today and hurt an innocent tourist.

Let me give you a run down of the hits for today:

1. had a tiff with the Big I this morning before we left for work

2. forgot my book so I was bored on the metro

3. make a stupid mistake at work doing an ubereasy task

4. have a tantrum (small) about it in front of people

5. person who was subject to my tantrum is now no longer talking to me

6. this is an issue because I am a people pleaser….vomit, I know…

7. send beotchy emails to people

8. make stupid mistake #2 at work seeth in bathroom

9. make stupid mistake #3 and contemplate doom of lackluster career track

10. think that maybe I should look into becoming a state-sponsored mooch

AND I now get to look forward to an evening of budget planning with the Big I.

AND I just read that drinking to eleviate stress just makes it worse. Now how cruel is that? Can we have no fun at all?


I wish to be something else now please.