Shaved Ice Princess Runs Away with Pro Surfer

I have a counter top at work, it’s a cube without walls…with a bar like thing in front of it…so people can lean upon it and give me silly tasks to complete.

I hate it. I miss my cube at Q. At least there I got to wear headphones and have a tiny shred of privacy. Now I hear everyone’s conversations and I am forever pretending that I am alone in my office with the door closed and I can’t possibly hear the annoying endless chatter from the silly accountant. She will not hush; it’s like some unstoppable force. I might have to silence her with force…. Hmmm, if only…

I cut off all my hair this weekend, well I didn’t do it myself, a woman did it for me, and there is still a little bit of hair. It’s just above my shoulders now…and has some slight layering to “give it style”. It’s so much nicer than my wannabe Crystal Gayle look.

I’m going to spend the rest of my morning daydreaming about running away to Hawaii to become a hula girl…or maybe just a shaved ice princess. They don’t have countertop desks….