soapbox surprise

What is so wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance? Having the words “under god” is forcing children to believe anything. If just mindlessly repeating a 2-word phrase is enough to make you feel uncomfortable as a kid then, you’ve got quite a long road ahead of you. It’s like when you are somewhere and they do a public prayer, should you not “believe” in god then don’t pray. Just stand there with your head held high and don’t do anything. Why is this an issue? I don’t believe in god but call me crazy it just sounds nice in the pledge. Maybe I’m just overly patriotic. I like the nostalgic trappings of being a “stupid American”. It helps me get through the day without an anxiety attack of what else could happen while I live so close.

I shall now step off the soapbox.

Speaking of “stupid American” traditions, I will be going to Vegas in September for some sinful (well sorta sinful) cavorting with the girls…and a few boys, just not mine. Ian, per usual, will be staying behind. He’s a big stick in the mud. At least I still have friends to party with, let’s hope that this is always the case and I don’t end up killing him when I’m 64 and bitter with my cats. J

I’ve been spreading the gospel of diaryland to some folks I know and they seemed shocked that I would have some sort of confessional like this and thought it was wrong that you could just read someone else’s diary. I told them they must have something to hide or they wouldn’t mind much. Besides, I think there are only 2 MAYBE 3 people who are reading this thing…. and it’s so much easier to speak your mind in this format. At least for me, I don’t have the second guessing problem when I’m typing. My true feelings about things just spill out through the fingertips.

And it saves a lot in therapy bills…