not feeling quite like myself these days

today is a slow day, actually this week has been a sllooooowwww week. i am impatiently awaiting the arrival of saturday.

tomorrow is our company picnic. oh what joy. i will be spending tomorrow playing volleyball, family feud, and waterballon toss with my co-workers.

i am afraid, i am very afraid. i hate social situations with co-workers. i have strict rules about my work sphere and home sphere. they do not mix, fun does not enter into the work atmosphere. argh, i guess i'm just gonna have to deal. maybe this will be fun, maybe it will make all other company picnics look dumb. there will be beer served so that is one good thing.

i've spent most of the day watching the repeling window washers hop down the side of the building next to ours. i think that is the only way anyone should have to do windows. it should be fun like that.

i feel like i've got the iq of a rock today, this whole month actually. i think i've found a way to make myself stupid......i've not had a constructive thought in weeks.