bigger beds, smaller apartments

so we won't be moving to the delux apartment in the sky. the Big I and myself will be staying in the shoebox and socking away the extra $600 a month in order to pay off debt and get a house sooner rather than later.

ick, i'm not looking forward to 6 more months in the shoebox. but i guess i'm just gonna have to deal. we are getting a king size bed which we are hoping will solve the problem of me not sleeping through the night. let's hope our theories prove correctly because if not i'm gonnna need some sort of perscription sleep aid.

MB has been accepted to the Univeristy of Dublin and will be moving to Ireland in August. Again the social sphere begins to colapse in on it self and all my friends begin to move to the 4-corners of the globe. I shall have to venture out and be social with strangers. i am aghast! :P